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Erectile dysfunction - or erection problems can affect any man no matter what age they are. Erection problems affect young and old men, straight, gay and bisexual men, fit and not-so fit men.

There has been a sharp increase in men reporting erection issues. These may be because health and social issues are impacting more on men’s sex lives and it could also be that men are much more likely to talk about and seek help for their erection problem

What can affect a man’s ability to gain an erection?

  • Relationship issues

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Insomnia

  • Boredom with sex life

See your Doctor for advice before seeking hypnotherapy in London. Erection issues may be the symptom of another issue such as :-

  • heart disease

  • hardening of the arteries

  • high blood pressure

  • high cholesterol

  • alcoholism

  • Drug abuse

  • diabetes

  • obesity

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

  • liver or kidney disease

  • Peyronie’s disease

Some lifestyle habits can make you lose your erection or be unable to gain an erection. These are :-

  • Smoking

  • Drug taking

  • Alcohol abuse or addiction

  • Not getting enough sleep

  • Not eating healthily

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is very common amongst men. Most men will go through a phase of experiencing performance anxiety. Sometimes all it takes is for a man to lose his erection once (eg. too tired, too drunk) which then leads to a fear that he may lose it again.

Performance Anxiety Therapy London

Hypnosis, or rather hypnotherapy has proved to be a powerful therapy to help men who have anxiety or fear about getting their erection. Hypnotherapy for erection issues is effective because it :-

  • Brings about a state of calmness (the opposite of anxiety)

  • Utilises positive and powerful imagery of success

  • Retrains the mind

  • Excites, which helps to create the erection

  • Resolves historical experiences of erectile dysfunction

  • Supports honest partner relationships

Erection Problems Hypnotherapy Consultation London

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I provide a free, private and confidential hypnosis consultation at my discreet hypnotherapy practice in Kensington, West London. I am experienced and professional and you can be assured that I have probably heard about your circumstances many times before.

So as you have read this far, you are ready now to take action and regain your sexual confidence.

Just email or call me 07930 362492 to book you no-obligation hypnosis appointment. Just taking this step will help you feel a lot better and beginning to resolve the issue.

Typical comments my male clients with erection performance anxiety have said:-

  • I lose my erection when I go to put a condom on

  • My partner says I don’t fancy / love them anymore

  • Our sex life and love-making are boring and always the same

  • I don’t find my partner a turn-on anymore

  • I have to fantazise about someone else

  • My partner has made a big joke of it all

Whatever your thoughts or circumstances, you are not the only one. Send me that email and make contact or call me. If I need to return your call I will be discreet.