Issues Helped by Hypnotherapy

Weight Problems
Lose weight. Weight loss control.


Fear of spiders (arachnophobia), flying (aviophobia), lifts (claustrophobia), trains, social phobia, open spaces (agoraphobia), fear of illness (emetophobia) and many other phobia’s help and support

Stop binge drinking, alcoholism, alcohol habits, alcohol dependency treatment. for alcoholic issues it is also recommended that you see your doctor and consider support from Alcoholics Anonymous

Stress hypnotherapist
Release stress, anxiety and feel calmer. Stress is a normal part of life but excessive stress can be limit your life and lead to and exacerbate other health issues (eg. hypertension, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcers, Acid Reflux, insomnia)

Anxiety hypnosis
stress, panic attacks, tension - hypnosis helps to reduce and release anxiety. Learning self hypnosis for anxiety can prove an effective solution. Self hypnosis can be learnt in London in one or two hypnosis sessions

IBS hypnotherapist
Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Disorder. Professor Peter Whorwell teaches his patients who have extreme symptoms of IVS and IBD self hypnosis. He has discovered that self hypnosis can be an effective aid to IBS symptom control and reduction.

Self Confidence
Be confident, good self esteem, self worth. How we feel about our self and our value can impact on life choices such as the career you choose, promotion and personal relationships. Whatever historical events have impacted on your self esteem and confidence, hypnotherapy in Kensington can help you move on from the past and become the confident person you deserve to be.

Social, work and personal relationships. Relationships are important for all areas of life., The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. When you become more comfortable with who you are, your relationships with others will naturally improve.

Sadness, feeling low, lack of motivation or depressed? Hypnosis for depression in London can be a important extra form of support alongside of your doctor’s help.

Eating Disorders
Bulimia, Anorexia Nervosa, Compulsive or binge eating. This is a very common issue amongst women and men. It is often associated with secrecy and shame. Hypnotherapy can help break the pattern of binge eating, eating disorders, forced vomiting and the use of laxatives.

OCD - urges
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Do you check on things such as locks, windows, doors excessively? Do you count a lot or have to do things for a specific number or times to feel safe? Often borne of some past difficult experience hypnosis in London can help you with your OCD

Abuse issues
Physical, childhood, sexual, verbal. If you were sexually molested or abused as a child it was not your fault. you may feel shame and humiliation and hide away. Hypnotherapy helps you to recover the lost and abandoned inner child that is still hurting inside of you that still affects your adult-self of today.

Vaginismus, frigidity, anorgasmia, erectile dysfunction, impotence. These issues can affect men and women at any age and can lead to avoidant behaviours. These are normal issues and can be helped with hypnosis in London

Addictive urges
Pornography, caffeine, cocaine, hash, cannabis, internet, phone checking. All of these addictive behaviours are often the symptom of another cause which can be emotional.

Children’s Problems
Anxiety, fears, phobias, bedwetting. It’s important that children receive support at any age and not to wait for issue to grow and affect their life choices. Children take very easily to hypnosis and it is provided in London in an age-appropriate way. Child hypnosis in London is available from Anne.

Speaking Hypnosis
Taking meetings, presentations, wedding speech, best man's speech. You can’t avoid speaking in front of others forever. Public speaking phobias can limit your career choices and prospects of promotion.

Fertility, labour pains, natural childbirth, infertility. Hypnobirthing is become more and more popular for mothers who want to have a better experience leading up to and during the brith of their baby. The NHS in Lancashire have only recently conducted research using hypnosis to help pregnant mothers (see

Memory booster
Recall, exams, tests, study, SATS, GCSE, Degrees, Doctorates, all require feats of memory. The memory and recall works better when you relax. Self hypnosis helps your mental recall abilities.

Compulsive issues
hair pulling, nail-biting, gambling, thoughts, trichotillomania (TTM) includes hair-pulling from the head, eyelash and eyebrow pulling and also pubic hair pulling. Anne specialises in helping people with trichotillomania and is the joint author of the book

Arthritis, injury, surgery - Pain an important feeling and informs us when we need to receive treatment. Persistent pain that conventional medical treatment including medication, us been unable to relieve may respond to hypnosis for pain release.

Women's issues
PMT, PMS, menopause - the symptoms of these life changes such as hot flushes, swears, insomnia, irritation may be eased by hypnosis in London

Stop Smoking


Quit smoking can be challenging for anyone who has decided to give up. Hypnosis can support your decision to quit smoking permanently.

Hypnotherapy in Kensington and Other Issues

If your issue is not mentioned here, please contact the hypnotherapist in London, Anne Thornton-Patterson. Anne helps with many issues using hypnosis and other therapies that are not included here.

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