What mysteries await your past life experience?

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 Past Life Regression in London is available for anyone who is curious to explore who they were in their Past Life.

Have you had that feeling of deja vu? You know when you kind of know you have experienced something before but cant quite remember when.

Or you get that familiar feeling about a place that you are visiting for the first time but have an inkling that you have been there before.

Maybe you meet someone new and get along with them like a house on fire. You feel so comfortable with them they seem like a “soul mate”.

Can you do something that no one else in your family can do?

Are you drawn to a country or a particular time in history ?

It could just be that you are experiencing evidence of a past life and where you were in that past life and who you were with.

If all that sounds exciting to you, then come along and enjoy investigating your past lives. Yes, that’s right you will have experiences of more than one past life.

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Anne - Past Life Therapist

Anne - Past Life Therapist

Past Life Regression is based on the supposition that we return to this earth many times in order to experience and evolve and grow as souls, learning our lessons as we do so. Souls incarnate into a new body, but carry the energetic imprint of the most important life lessons or life experiences with them, to ensure that they can actually act on those lessons. The memory is hazy, yes, after all it would be a pointless lesson if we already knew all the answers, but nevertheless, there exists inside us the basic soul learning so that we can progress and not keep repeating our mistakes.

Sometimes the hazy “soul memory” can cause difficulties in this life and the memory needs to be brought up to conscious awareness so that healing can take place and for the current mind/body to let go of past life troubles or traumas and move onwards into this life and make a success of it. Conventional past life regression is aimed at healing past life traumas that are actually interfering with “this life” health, happiness or success.

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