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Hair Pulling and Trichotillomania Hypnotherapy Treatment
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Trichotillomania Coaching

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Are you looking for effective treatment to stop hair pulling and lead a happier life?

Find out how Anne’s Trichotillomania Coaching and Therapy Programme can give you your confidence and life back. Enjoy freedom from hair-pulling and evidence that your hair is re-growing.
Anne Thornton-Patterson is a leading trichotillomania therapist and has been the National Council for Hypnotherapy specialist advisor on TTM. She has been helping women, men and children for over 15 years. Anne is a professional and caring coach and therapist. She has deliberately operated her Tricho practice from very private locations. Base in West London and also near Tamworth in Staffordshire, she is the go to person for hair-pulling issues.

Call Anne now on 07930 362492 and get going with stopping your hair pulling.

Trichotillomania Hypnotherapy Treatments for effective and lasting solutions

The Trichotillomania Coaching program is delivered in person or via online video service such as Skype or Zoom. Facetime may also be an option that suits you. The Program has been developed over 15 years and yet is tailored to your requirements. No two hair-pullers are exactly same requirements. Unlike talk therapy alone, the Tricho Coaching programme uses time-proven therapies such as hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Life Coaching.


With hypnotherapy resolving any deep-seated historical traumas or difficult childhood events and associated emotions that have led to unconscious reactions (ie. you often don’t know you have pulled until you see the hair in your hand). Coaching strengthens and enhances your decision to finally stop-pulling with active support from Anne couple with practical strategies to say pull-free.


The Tricho Coaching programme is literally life-changing. Just imagine the benefits to you of being pull-free. Personally it may mean that you now enjoy an inner sense of peace and tranquillity. Your social life becomes more active as your confidence just grows and grows. You accept more invitations to meet new people and increase your network enhancing your personal and professional life.

However long you have been puling your hair, the Trichotillomania Coaching programme can get to the root of the cause and release it. Whether your issues have stemmed from childhood, teenage years or in later life, is irrelevant to the fact that you can be free of pulling your hair. You may or may not realise that hair-pulling is a reaction to some past influence which may be an event and may be you had a parent or carer who accidentally lead you to do this.


Whatever your history or the circumstances that made you start to pull your hair, this flexible treatment programme adapts to suit you.


Trichotillomania Symptoms that you can to be free of :-

  1.  Anxious about each day and what it will be like for you

  2. Obsessed with certain rituals before work, social engagements, appointments

  3. Feel on edge, touchy, short-tempered,

  4. You feel like you can’t stop no matter what you do

  5. You don’t feel you have the willpower to stop

  6. You are exhausted with the limitations that trichotillomania brings

  7. You can pull when you are happy or upset and it confuses you

  8. You use cover-up products such as a wig or hair thickener or hat

  9. Your hair-pulling has got worse rather than better

  10. You feel like you have a secret and fear others knowing about it

  11. You have a sense of shame that there is something wrong with you

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Details About the Trichotillomania Coaching Programme

The Steps to Trichotillomania Freedom

  1.  The Tricho Treatment Coaching Programme is 8 to 10 sessions (60 minute sessions)

  2. Date collection of when you pull, what triggers make you pull, how you feel after you pull

  3. When it all began and what was happening at the time. How did you feel? What emotions were present? Who was involved?

  4. Therapies included in any session will be hypnotherapy, inner child work, confidence boosting

  5. Practical processes include how to interrupt the conscious and unconscious pattern of pulling

  6. Looking at what you lose through hair-pulling and perversely what you might gain through having trichotillomania (you may be intrigued about this aspect)

  7. Future pacing to help you use the power of your mind for who and how you choose to be

  8. Solution focussed therapy enables you to build on your successes. As the apt expression suggests, “success breeds success”.

  9. You use your natural ability to drop an old unwanted habit and develop a healthy life-affirming habit

  10. Self-acceptance means you stop beating yourself up and become your own best friend (having you as a friend is well-worth having)

Anne also provides support, encouragement and help via email, text and phone so you are never alone between sessions

Where appropriate hypnotic recordings are available to reinforce your healthy changes

Your self-understanding will naturally increase as you get to know better what makes you tick

What are the goals of the Tricho programme?

  • You will feel a sense of relief as you take action

  • You sense of being a victim will diminish quickly

  • Your hair-pulling dwindles and stops

  • You will enjoy a journey of self-discovery

  • You will relish a sense of peace and calmness

  • Your hair starts to regrow

  • Your confidence will receive a boost naturally

  • You say “yes” to more life opportunities



A Comment from Anne

“Over the years I have helped many people with trichotillomania. These have ranged from your girls under 11, to teenagers and often highly successful women. Men have also enjoyed success through the Trichotillomania Coaching Programme.

I also have worked with leading lights in the field of hair-pulling treatments such as Lucinda Ellery.

I recognise that some people may benefit from a different form of help. If I believe this is the case I will suggest an alternative approach.”


Trichotillomania Hypnotherapy through online Skype

Please don’t worry if you live too far from London or Staffordshire as I do offer treatments online using Skype, Zoom or Facetime. Geographical distance really doesn’t have to be a therapy is available on the internet.


Occasionally I will also travel to your home or office as I realise that sometimes it is difficult for you to come to me. If this is something that suits you, just let me know and we can discuss how this can be arranged.


I have over the years worked with many people in the UK and other countries such as those in the Middle East, USA, Australia and Ireland.


It All Begins With You…

If you have found this website for trichotillomania and have read this far the  I know already that the time is right for you to stop-pulling your hair. I know also though that you may be a bit nervous about taking the next step which is to contact me.

Please be reassured that your call will be treated in confidence and you can ask any questions you want to. Just call Anne for an initial informal chat about the Trichotillomania Coaching Treatment Programme.

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The number to call is 07930 362492 or use the email contact form I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are calling from another country please use this code +44 7930 362492